Drinking Ethanol – Edible


Edible Ethanol is available in below range of purity of Alcohol and impurities that result from each product facilities. The difference is listed in the below standard specification table.

No Properties Unit ENA





Grade No. 1

1 Aspect Clear Clear Clear
2 Alcohol strength @20oC % vol 96.1 min 96.0 min 96.0 min
3 Acidity (as acetic acid) mg/L 10 max 10 max 9 max
4 Aldehyde (as acetaldehydes) mg/L 10 max 10 max 8 max
5 Esters (as ethyl acetate) mg/L 10 max 10 max 30 max
6 Methanol mg/L 10 max 10 max 480 max
7 Total higher Alcohol mg/L 30 max 50 max 30 max
8 Iso-Propanol mg/L 20 max 30 max
9 Non-volatile matter mg/L 15 max 15 max 20 max
10 Permanganate time @ 20oC minute 20 min. 10 min. 25 min.

Buyer should contact us to check if our above standard does not meet their request.

Other information:

Grade : Drinking ethanolEdible Ethanol
Raw material : from Cassava (tapioca), Molasses or Rice.
Quantity : Able to supply 500MT min.  per month
Packing : either in plastic drums (200Liter/drum) or in iso-tank (24KL/tank)

Dringking Ethanol (edible ethanol) is a food grade Ethanol with high-purity, low-impurities to be suitable for human consumption. Normally, it is used in cooking, personal care (perfumes, cosmetic, hand sanitizer) applications but mainly in making alcoholic beverages. Hence, it is also called “Drinkable Alcohol/Ethanol” or “Portable Alcohol/Ethanol” or just “Food Grade Ethanol” in simple.

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