Head and Tail Ethanol

Head and Tail Ethanol

Description: Head & Tail Ethanol is a by-production in Ethanol production. To improve the impurity of Ethanol, in the distillation process, producer will remove the HEADs (the first steam), and the TAILs, the last of the team, out of the HEARTs. The Head is too stinky and the Tail upsets the stomach. The Head contains noxious aromatic elements (too strong in the nose) while the Tails is bitter (too strong in the mouth).
Raw material: Cassava (tapioca)
Applications: Mainly for solvents.
Supply ability: Up to production situation.

In container basis in which

  • 220Liter drums x 80 drums/20ft container
  • 1,000liter IBC x 20 IBC/20ft container
  • 20ft iso-tank container (about 24,000Liter/tank)

Standard specification:

No Properties Unit Standard specification
1 Aspect Clear and yellowish
2 Alcohol strength @ 20oC 92.0-96.0
3 Color Pt/Co 20 max
4 Impurites mg/L No limited
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