Fusel Oil

Grade : FUSEL Oil
Raw material : Cassava (tapioca)
Quantity : Able to supply 20-30MT per quarter
Packing : in iso-tank (24,000Liter/tank)

Fusel oil, sometimes called Fusel Alcohol, is a mixture of several alcohols (mainly iso-amyl alcohol) as a by-product in production of fermentation ethanol.  The fusel alcohols concentrated in the “Tails” at the end of distillation run. It has an oily consistency which is easily noticeable. Hence, it has another name of “fusel oil”. The mixture alcohols can be separated in the individual alcohol in a reflux still.

Standard specification

No Properties Unit Standard specification
1 Aspects Clear, yellowish
2 Alcohol strength @20oC % w/w 75 min
3 Iso-amyl alcohol % w/w 35 min
4 Water content % w/w 25 max