Ethanol 96% from corn


Grade : Ethanol 96%
Raw material : Corn
Min Quantity : 12.8MT
Packing : in either plastic drums (200Liter/drum, 80drums/20ft container) or in iso-tank (24KL/tank) or in bulk vessel shipment (1,000 CBM/MT min).

Due to the shortage of traditional raw material of molasses and cassava, Vietnam ethanol factories are considering to use the imported sweet corn as the feed stock for their Ethanol production

Our Vietnam does not produce the corned anhydrous Ethanol for bio-fuel as America producers but focusing on Ethanol (Ethyl alcohol) Food grade product. The result is significant good news as getting the ENA quality as below standard specification.

It’s suitable for high end applications as edible/drinkable products, cosmetics or perfums … with good and light smell.

No. Properties Unit Standard spec.
1 Aspect Clear
2 Color Pt/Co ≤ 10
3 Alcohol strength @ 20oC %vol ≥ 96.1
4 Oxidation minute ≥ 40
5 Acidity (as acetic acid) mg/l ≤ 7
6 Aldehyde (as acetaldehydes) mg/l ≤ 2
7 Esters (as ethyl acetate) mg/l ≤ 3
8 Methanol mg/l ≤ 3
9 Total higher alcohol (C3+C4+C5 Alcohol) mg/l ≤ 5

Buyer should contact us to check if our above standard does not meet their request.