INDIANAPOLIS: Importance of Ethanol to economy

Indiana’s ethanol industry continues to have a positive impact on the state’s economy

The ethanol industry contributed just under $1 billion in value to the Indiana economy. They directly employ more than 500 people at the 14 ethanol plants; but for each job created directly at the plant, it creates about seven jobs elsewhere in the economy. So, in total, more than 4,000 jobs were created by the ethanol industry, directly or indirectly, here in the state.”

It’s not just the agriculture industry that benefits from ethanol. The business spills over into utilities, real estate, and state and local taxes. Most of it comes in the improvement in prices to Indiana corn farmers, then itself contributed more than $100 million to the state economy.

Ethanol production is expected to increase this year with the addition of two plants that didn’t experience a full year of production in 2014.

The Valero plant in Mount Vernon was only in operation the second half of the year, and the Noble Americas Plant in South Bend is expected to come online and potentially add another 50 million or 60 million gallons in 2015.

These ethanol plants should help Indiana rank higher in ethanol production. Indiana currently ranks fourth in ethanol capacity and about seventh in ethanol production. Having these ethanolplants back in operation could help Indiana get back up to fifth or sixth place.

More fuel stations adding E85 and now E15 to the mix so the expected demand for Indiana ethanol is going to be growing.


Quoted from EIN News. More details, pls refer