Industrial Ethanol


Grade : INDUSTRIAL Ethanol
Raw material : Cassava (tapioca), Molasses.
Quantity : Able to supply 500-3,000MT per month
Packing : either in plastic drums (200Liter/drum, 80drums/20ft container) or in iso-tank (24KL/tank) or in bulk vessel shipment (1,000 CBM/MT min).

Industrial Ethanol is a grade Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) with high chemical impurity and technical properties unfit for food products (beverages) but suitable for several industrial applications.  The present of Industrial Ethanol found out widely in

  • The personal care products: Hairspray, mouthwash, aftershave, cologne and presume…. All contain large amounts of alcohol by volume. Industrial Ethanol is also used in many deodorants, lotions, hand sanitizers, soaps and shampoos.
  • Pharmaceutical products: The characteristics of Ethyl Alcohol make it’s a prime carrier for a whole spectrum of medicines including cough treatments, decongestants, iodine solution and many others. As a solvent for the pharmaceutical industry,Ethanol is useful for processing antibiotics, vaccines, tables, pills and vitamins.
  • Many Cleaning products contain high volumes of Industrial alcohol. A bottle of household disinfectant spray can contain nearly 80% ethanol.
  • Solvents in the production of many other substances including paints, lacquer and explosives.
  • A raw material for the production of vinegar and yeast and similarly in chemical processing as a chemical intermediate.
  • Even food products like extracts, flavorings and and glazes contain large amopunts of alcohol. The ethanol is also used in some liquid animal feed as a energy source.

In some market, people also rectify Industrial Ethanol again to upgrade its quality for higher applications which need low impurities, better smell.

The difference type of Industrial Ethanol – Hydrous grade is listed in the below standard specification table.

No Properties Unit Grade A Alcohol

(Japan market)

Grade B Alcohol

(Korea market)


(Grade No. 2)

1 Aspect Clear Clear Clear
2 Alcohol strength @20oC % vol. 95.5 min. 95.0 min. 95.0 min
3 Acidity (as acetic acid) mg/L 30 max 30 max 18 max
4 Aldehyde (as acetaldehydes) mg/L 60 max 120 max 20 max
5 Esters (as ethyl acetate) mg/L 80 max 150 max 50 max
6 Methanol mg/L 50 max 80 max 800 max
7 Total higher Alcohol mg/L 100 max 400 max 60 max
8 Iso-Propanol mg/L 20 max
9 Non-volatile matter mg/L 40 max 40 max 40 max
10 Permanganate time @ 20oC minute 5 min. 20 min.

Specification of Industrial Ethanol – Anhydrous grade can be found in our page of FUEL ETHANOL

Denatured Ethanol (pure ethanol mixing with a certain denaturant) sometimes called as an Industrial Ethanol.

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